KOKO has been established by all food lovers who have the same passion and would like to fulfil their own dreams in hospitality field.

Apparently, one of the members in our management team has successfully owned tow restaurants in Dural and Kelly ville areas. Consequently, he and his friends have decided to continue this outstanding achievement by creating and place with contemporary ambience where customers are able to relax and chill out, to catch up with family, to hang out with freinds and also to gather team building among clooeagues.

Our passion is to tel our story through the dish we serve. In addition, the flavour of each dish is not the main factor we carefully consider, however; ohter relevant components of the restaurant such as professional team, friendly service as well as appealing ambience are also important for us to please our beloved customers satisfaction.

Hence, we friendly invite you to experience the authentic Thai dishes and to explore your perceptions with our unique atmosphere and de'cor. Delightfully, we are ready to serve you through

"Service with Smile"